Denied, Delayed or Low-Balled Claims

Insurance Claims DeniedHas your insurance claim been denied?

Do you feel that your Insurance Company is unnecessarily delaying your claim, stringing you along or treating you unfairly and not giving your claim the attention it deserves?

Do you think your insurance company low-balled your insurance claim, didn’t pay you enough to get your property replaced or repaired properly or didn’t pay you enough to replace your personal belongings?

Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. takes on these types of claims all the time.

Homeowner’s or Business Owner’s Insurance Claim Denied:

There is nothing more irritating than to be told by your insurance company that they are denying your claim. Particularly if you feel they are wrong. Typically, they will tell you that “Coverage does not apply.” And will cite some portion of the insuring agreement (Insurance Policy) for their reasoning. We have never seen any insurance company that we have dealt with give a detailed explanation as to why. However, just because they DENIED YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM doesn’t necessarily mean that your claim isn’t covered. We’ve seen it time and again. When you hire Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. you can have confidence that we will properly review your claim and policy to see if we believe coverage applies. If so, we then begin the process of re-opening the claim, handling all the required paperwork, documenting the loss, scoping, estimating and inventorying the damages, engage the insurance company about the application of coverage and if so, negotiating a proper settlement for you. We can’t guarantee you that we will get the insurance company to apply coverage to your denied claim, but we can guarantee you that you don’t owe us a dime if we don’t get you a settlement.

Homeowner’s or Business Owner’s Insurance Claim Low-balled:

What does the term low-ball mean? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means “: to trick or deceive (someone) by saying that the price or cost of something is lower than it really is
: to give a very low or unfairly low offer to (someone)”.  This is a term that has been recognized by the Courts time and again.

It’s real, it happens, it’s deceptive and it is absolutely unfair.

We have the expertise to evaluate your claim to determine if we believe your Insurance Company did not give you the full benefits of your policy by failing to pay you the full value of your claim.

Homeowner’s or Business Owner’s Insurance Claim being un-necessarily Delayed, you being strung along or treated unfairly:

Many believe that this is a common practice employed by unscrupulous insurance companies as a means to avoid paying out on legitimate claims in hope that the policyholder will eventually get discouraged or tired of trying to get their claim covered and thus, Go Away, without compensation. You are entitled to a prompt and fair investigation of your claim.

We do everything in our power to move your claim along as fast as we possibly can. We realize that in order for you to move on you must be treated fairly by your insurance company and properly compensated for your covered damages in a timely manner. We work diligently to put the pieces of the puzzle back together with you.

So, if you or someone you knows property damage claim has been Denied, is being unnecessarily delayed or lowballed, even if it was some time ago. You or they need to call Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. immediately. We will provide a Free in home or in office Consultation. What do you have to lose?

Your claim may be affected by a 3 year statute of limitations. Just because you think your claim was closed or settled doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t re-open it. So don’t delay, you could possibly cost yourself many thousands of dollars by doing so. Call us immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION to see if we can still help. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Testimonial:  Thank goodness for Wayne Frazier!!! 

When our family home was destroyed after several pipes broke causing extensive damage throughout the house, we were utterly devastated.  On top of that, the insurance company denied our claim! Our restoration contractor referred us to Wayne Frazier, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. Wayne and his staff were very professional, thorough, and accessible. Wayne promptly answered our calls and e-mails (day or night). He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he truly cares about his clients. Wayne has gone the distance and stayed persistent in achieving amazing results when we felt completely frustrated dealing with the insurance company’s delay tactics and poor claims handling practices. The fact that he was able to get the insurance company to reverse the denied claim and provide us with over $500,000 in reimbursement to recover our loss was extremely impressive. We strongly recommend Wayne Frazier to anyone who needs help with insurance claims.” ~ The Gurley family – Very happy and grateful client. (click here for more testimonials)

It COST NOTHING to have Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. review your claim. Maybe everything is fine, our experience tells us it’s probably not. The question is how do you? Contractors by law are not allowed to represent and negotiate repairs and coverages with your insurance company. Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is licensed to do so by the State of Maryland. Ask yourself, are you willing to gamble, potentially large sums of money owed to you by the insurance company that is responsible for paying your covered insurance claim by allowing them to solely decide how much they have to pay you or does it make sense that at a minimum having Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC., qualified and licensed professionals, take a look at your claim to give you an independent second opinion.

1.  There’s a reason the house has their own dealers in Vegas. It keeps the odds in their favor. As does using only your insurance company’s adjuster and possibly their “Preferred Contractor or Vendor” to determine what they owe you. The odds are stacked in their favor.

2.  Would you let the IRS prepare your tax returns for you to determine what you owe them?

3.  Would you let an opposing party’s Lawyer determine what you’re owed in a legal action?

4.  How accurate do you think a student’s report card would be if they were the ones deciding what they’ve

None of these scenarios make sense, neither does relying solely on your insurance company to determine what is or isn’t covered and if or what you are owed. This is why it makes sense to hire Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. to represent you and your interest to achieve the very best possible outcome we can for you.

Whatever the loss, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is here to help. We’re State Licensed Advocates that work exclusively for you, the Home / Business Owner (the Insured), to ensure that you receive the fullest benefit possible from your insurance company based on your policy, thus maximizing your settlement so you may properly Rebuild, Repair, Replace and / or Clean your property. Our knowledge and expertise makes your life much easier.

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