Sinkhole’s can vary in size from very small to extremely large. Some swallowing up entire houses. There have even been reports of an sinkhole opening up beneath a large lake. The lake literally started draining into the sinkhole.
Here is an amazing picture of a sinkhole.


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Sinkhole’s can cause substantial damage. Depending upon the size and location of the sinkhole, a structure may be damaged beyond repair, collapsed or even completely swallowed up.
Damage to structures can vary, but it is not uncommon for a structures foundation, concrete slab and framing to have suffered cracks, separations, large gaps, partial collapses and damage to utility service cables / lines, drains, pipes and supply lines.

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4.) All paperwork is properly filled out and submitted.
5.) All benefits for Additional Living Expenses are accounted for and submitted if applicable.
6.) All benefits for Loss of Use, Loss of Rents or Business Interruption that are applicable are accounted for and submitted for payment.
7.) We handle all the meetings with the Insurance Company’s Adjusters, Representatives and Vendors.

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Sinkhole’s by their very nature are unstable and should be dealt with very cautiously.
Sinkhole’s can and have taken human lives.
Sinkhole’s can happen nearly anywhere it seems, but in the United States, Florida seems to be the most active area.
sinkhole3There are many lawsuits regarding how insurance companies have handled sinkhole claims.

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