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Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is a results oriented Public Adjusting / Insurance Appraisal and Restoration Contracting Firm that specializes in handling PROPERTY DAMAGE insurance claims and rebuilds / repairs for both the Homeowner and Business Owner. We are Licensed by the State of Maryland to represent YOU, the policyholder, NOT the insurance company.

The insurance companies Adjuster is working solely for THEIR BEST INTEREST, Not YOURs….

We possess the skills and knowledge required to represent you regarding your claim and repairs. Our knowledge base is extensive and has been gained thru many years of experience in dealing with Real Estate, Contracting and Insurance. Being a licensed Maryland Home Improvement / Restoration Contractor, a Licensed CATASTROPHE Insurance Adjuster, a Licensed Pubic Adjusting Firm and having extensive knowledge regarding , Estimating Damages, Scoping Losses, Contracts, Insurance Terms and Principals, Claims Processing, Industry Specific Software , Construction / Building principles and Building Codes including specialized training specifically for Public Adjusting along with SUPERIOR Negotiating Skills.

We are constantly educating and honing our skills to better serve our clients. With many, many hours spent attending industry trainings and certifications and continuously researching and staying abreast of changes that affect our clients.


  1. Maryland Licensed Public Adjusting Firm
  2. Maryland Licensed Home Improvement Company
  3. Industry Certified for Restoration involving Fire and Smoke, Water Damage, Mold and Odor Control.
  4. Professional Estimator – Level 3 Certified in Xactimate, the most widely used Industry Recognized Estimating Software. Level 3 is the highest certification possible. Considered an Expert on the software.
  5. We have an Insurance Appraiser on Staff
  6. We have a Insurance Umpire on Staff

Our attention to detail, hands on approach, and unfettered dedication to ensure that our clients receive the care and attention they deserve, resulting in a maximum settlement from their insurance company, makes us an ideal choice for any Homeowner or Business Owner facing the seemingly insurmountable and overwhelming task of properly and efficiently documenting and processing their property damage insurance claim.

“A recent independent study found that using a licensed Public Adjuster resulted in Homeowners and Business Owners receiving on average 547% more settlment money, then trying to handle it themselves.”

This was based on independent study by the OPPAGA. NOT USING US could literally cost you thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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We’re your ADVOCATE and we can handle all of this for you.
No Upfront Fees, We work on a Contingency basis. We get paid when you get paid.