As your Public Adjuster, we put the pieces of the puzzle back together for you.

Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is a licensed Public Adjusting Firm, Insurance Appraiser and Home Improvement / Restoration Contractor that works EXCLUSIVELY for YOU, the Property Owner, NOT the Insurance Company. Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. has the legal capacity and authority granted by the State of Maryland’s Insurance Administration to represent Home and Business Owners when filing an insurance claim with their insurance company to collect under their insurance policy. We’re your Advocate.

Homeowner’s and Business Owner’s hire us for many different reasons, but primarily they hire us because:

    • They believe that their insurance company is not fully paying for their damages. This is commonly called “Low-Balled or Low Balling” in the insurance world.
    • Their insurance company has DENIED their homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance claim completely or partially.
    • They are frustrated with the delays in processing their claim, what they believe are abusive claims handling practices used by the insurance company representatives, paperwork and documentation requirements.
    • They want someone looking out for them that understands the process, insurance policy language, laws, interpretation’s and is an expert in this field.

We handle every aspect of your claim for you. We fill out all the necessary paperwork, communicate with the insurance company, meet with the insurance company adjuster and representatives, scope the damages, estimate repairs, document the loss, inventory damaged items, determine replacement costs, photograph damages, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, etc.etc.etc…

Here’s a testimonial you may find useful.

“Homeowner’s who encounter a claim please listen up.  I had pipes burst in February this year, and my insurance paid “X” amount after some battle. Their amount of  “X” came near to repairing only part of the damage.  After much frustration with trying to deal with the insurance company myself,  I hired Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. to represent me.  Wayne was able to get the claim increased by almost 500%.  Yes, 500%.  Now imagine if I had not hired Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. and how little I would have been paid.  I would not have known any better.  There were tactics used to wear me down, but Wayne was there to provide support and understanding of the procedures.  Please learn from this story and hire the expert.   He’ll watch out for your behalf, not the insurance company.  He will fight for your interests and win so that you receive everything  you are entitled to.  Along with providing a very professional and smart opinion, Wayne treated me with respect and gave excellent customer service.  If you are fortunate and don’t ever encounter a claim, but know someone who does, think about Wayne at Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. and how he can help.  Check out all his licenses and certifications, it is great to have someone like this in your corner.”

–Michael R

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Did you know that Public Adjuster’s have been hired by the:Insurance Claims

United Nations, the Country of Kuwait, Fortune 500 Companies, the Federal Government, Local Governments, Municipalities and Port Authority’s, Medical Institutions, Real Estate Brokerage’s, Airline Companies and even the United States Military along with countless other business’ and homeowners? They understand the value of having their own Adjuster that is knowledgeable about the process, can interpret policy language, knows how to document the claim and has the negotiating skills and ability to achieve the maximum benefit from their insurer based on their insurance policy. They want someone looking out for their best interest. Shouldn’t you!

We Level the playing field.
Consider the following scenario.

You find yourself party to a lawsuit where you stand to win a large cash settlement. Instead of hiring an attorney to represent you, you agree to use the other party’s attorney to determine your award. Under these conditions do you think you would receive a favorable settlement? Not likely. Negotiating your claim without Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is similar to allowing your opponent to dictate your settlement in a lawsuit. In that scenario you have no representation and can be easily misguided, deceived or lead astray. Leaving you with a not so favorable outcome.

It’s an absolute conflict of interest.

Another way of looking at it is that allowing your insurance company to determine what THEY OWE YOU is like letting someone charged with a crime be their own Judge in their trial.

Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. handles all types of Property Damage Claims. Including, but not limited to Fire, Water, Flood, Wind, Storm, Hail, Smoke, Collapse and Theft, to name but a few.

The real questions are:

Question:  Do you trust the Insurance Company that must pay you for your covered loss / claim to give you everything you are actually entitled to?

As Your Advocate:   We are highly skilled at getting the best results for you. Meaning, everything you are entitled to. We are licensed by the State of Maryland for this specific purpose.

Question:  Does the insurance company and their adjuster have your best interest in mind OR the Insurance Companies best interest?

As Your Advocate:   We work exclusively for you, serving your best interest.

Question:  Is the insurance company’s adjuster capable of fully evaluating your loss / claim?

As Your Advocate:  We are!!! Often even what seems like a small claim has substantially more damage and repair / replacement cost than people think. These can be complex and require extensive knowledge about building construction and industry standards for proper mitigation, clean up, repair, replacement and restoration. The amounts of money involved could literally be life changing. Remember, every dollar that you are legally entitled to that is not paid by the Insurance Company comes directly out of your pocket, NOT the Insurance Company Adjuster’s or the Insurance Company’s. You honored the terms of your insurance policy by paying your Insurance Premiums, shouldn’t the Insurance Company have to as well.

Question:  Will they be able to give YOUR claim the time and attention it needs and deserves to make sure everything is properly documented and accounted for?

As Your Advocate:  We do, as a Licensed Public Adjusting Firm and Home Improvement / Restoration Contractor. We are Certified in Fire, Smoke, Water, Mold and Odor cleanup, mitigation and restoration, repair and replacement. We have extensive Insurance and Construction knowledge. We know what we are doing and how to properly estimate, document and negotiate your claim for you.

Question:  Does the Insurance Company’s Adjuster have the Nationally recognized Certifications, experience and knowledge that let you know they are competent in Fire, Smoke, Water, Mold and Odor mitigation, restoration and proper repair / replacement techniques?

As Your Advocate:   We do, we’re Industry certified and Licensed to handle ALL these types of claims.

Whatever the loss, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is here to help. We’re State Licensed Advocates that work exclusively for you, the Home / Business Owner (the Insured), to ensure that you receive the fullest benefit possible from your insurance company based on your policy, thus maximizing your settlement so you may properly Rebuild, Repair, Replace and / or Clean your property. Our knowledge and expertise makes your life much easier.

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