Homeowner’s who encounter a claim please listen up.  I had pipes burst in February this year, and my insurance paid “X” amount after some battle. Their amount of  “X” came near to repairing only part of the damage.  After much frustration with trying to deal with the insurance company myself,  I hired Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. to represent me.  Wayne was able to get the claim increased by almost 500%.  Yes, 500%.  Now imagine if I had not hired Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. and how little I would have been paid.  I would not have known any better.  There were tactics used to wear me down, but Wayne was there to provide support and understanding of the procedures.  Please learn from this story and hire the expert.   He’ll watch out for your behalf, not the insurance company.  He will fight for your interests and win so that you receive everything  you are entitled to.  Along with providing a very professional and smart opinion, Wayne treated me with respect and gave excellent customer service.  If you are fortunate and don’t ever encounter a claim, but know someone who does, think about Wayne at Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. and how he can help.  Check out all his licenses and certifications, it is great to have someone like this in your corner.

–Michael R



“Thank goodness for Wayne Frazier!!!

When our family home was destroyed after several pipes broke causing extensive damage throughout the house, we were utterly devastated.  On top of that, the insurance company denied our claim! Our restoration contractor referred us to Wayne Frazier, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. Wayne and his staff were very professional, thorough, and accessible. Wayne promptly answered our calls and e-mails (day or night). He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he truly cares about his clients. Wayne has gone the distance and stayed persistent in achieving amazing results when we felt completely frustrated dealing with the insurance company’s delay tactics and poor claims handling practices. The fact that he was able to get the insurance company to reverse the denied claim and provide us with over $500,000 in reimbursement to recover our loss was extremely impressive. We strongly recommend Wayne Frazier to anyone who needs help with insurance claims.

The Gurley family – Very happy and grateful client.”


We were extremely frustrated and disappointed when our insurance company denied coverage for our claim. We were ready to give up when a friend handed us Wayne’s business card, which we now consider a winning lottery ticket. Wayne consulted with us, took on our case, and within a few weeks settled in our favor for much more than we could ever have anticipated. We will be forever grateful for his wonderful, professional, caring, efficient, and prompt settlement of our case. When your insurance company says no, call Wayne. He’s the pro.

Mike and Ruby B. / Baltimore, Maryland


” We were referred by a close friend to Wayne as a Public Adjuster for our Roof and Water Damage claim. From the moment we spoke with him we knew he was the man for the job. He was attentive, informative and extremely knowledgable. He explained everything and told us exactly what to expect. The initial settlement offer by our Insurance Company was lacking, if not insulting, to say the least. When Wayne got done with them they settled with us for nearly 1000%, yes you read that right, more. We highly recommend using Wayne’s services. ”

Homeowners – George and Helen S. / Towson, Maryland
” Wayne has a broad knowledge base and applies a thoughtful approach to the task at hand. From the moment we met he took the time to listen to our concerns, educated us on the process and what to expect upon us hiring him, he took control to make sure we were handled properly and got everything we deserved. To anyone thinking of using Wayne’s services, we believe you will be totally satisfied. We highly recommend him and will continue to do so to all our family and friends.”

Homeowners – Nick and Dot / Dundalk, Maryland
“Having dealt with Wayne for many years on a professional level I can without hesitation say that he is meticulous in his work. His relentless attention to detail, broad knowledge base, an ability to handle complex situations while maintaining focus on the task at hand, is what makes him an invaluable assest on anyones project. He’s a trusted leader that I would encourage anyone to use.”

Real Estate Agent and Business Owner – Harry B. / Baltimore, Maryland

” When I first met with Wayne to discuss the recent windstorm and resulting water damage my house sustained he took the time to hear my concerns and discussed the process and everything that was involved. From the moment I hired him he took charge and went to work. He assessed everything that needed to be done, kept me informed, met with my insurance companies adjuster, whom I was not impressed with, and even arranged the tarping of my roof to prevent further damage. I was nervous at first because I had never had to deal with anything like this but Wayne really impressed me with his thoughtfullness and caring attitude. I give him two thumbs up and would recommend him to anyone.”

Homeowner – Eric F. / Baltimore, Md.