Why Hire Us?

Why hire Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC, a licensed Public Insurance Adjusting company?

The simplest of answers is, We’re State Licensed Advocates that work exclusively for you, the Home / Business Owner (The Insured), to ensure that you receive the fullest benefit possible from your insurance company based on your policy, thus maximizing your settlement so you may properly Rebuild, Repair, Replace and / or Clean your property. Our knowledge and expertise makes your life much easier.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a professional claims adjuster who represents the interests of the property owner when the property owner files an insurance claim to cover damaged property, (a Dwelling / Structure and / or Personal Property, etc…), for their home or business. They are an authority on loss adjustments and take on the often confusing, time consuming and burdensome tasks of documenting, preparing, filing, adjusting and negotiating your insurance claim with your insurance company. They are employed exclusively by the policyholder, not by an insurance company.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have the time to properly document your claim?
  • Do you have the time to fill out all the necessary paperwork to properly process your insurance claim? Do you know what a Proof of Loss is?
  • Do you have the required knowledge and skill set to properly handle an insurance claim? Meaning, do you actually know what you are entitled to? How required repairs or replacement are determined? Proper repair / rebuild and / or replacement standards and building codes?
  • Do you have an Open or a Named peril policy?
  • Do you have and ACV or and RCV policy?
  • What’s depreciation and how may it affect you?
  • Do you know how to properly document and negotiate cleaning, repair or replacement of ALL YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS that were affected by the loss?
  • Do you know and understand insurance laws, terms, policy’s and regulations?
  • Are you good at reading and understanding legal documents?
  • Do you have the proper equipment necessary to investigate, document and PROVE your insurance claim?
  • Do you know what you should do, shouldn’t do, why and how this can have a major effect on your claim? Possibly even leading to it being denied.
  • How do you know if what the insurance company does or does not offer you is fair?
  • Are you actually owed more money? How do you know?
  • Did they give you a lowball offer? How do you know?
  • Did they wrongfully deny your claim? How do you know?
  • Did you know that the State of Maryland does NOT require Insurance Company Adjusters to:
    a.) Have any prior experience with insurance claims handling or contracting knowledge of any kind.
    b.) Obtain any type of certifications for repairing structures, rebuilding structures, estimating damages, Mold / Fire / Smoke or Water mitigation certifications or insurance policy knowledge.
    c.) Take any type of test to determine if they are qualified or knowledgeable in insurance claims adjusting, policy and insurance laws and regulations.
    d.) Be licensed in any form. The State of Maryland for some reason does not license Insurance Company Adjusters, but does Public Adjusters.
  • Probably Most Important – Do you trust the Insurance Company that is required to PAY YOU for your covered loss to determine how much they owe you, unbiasedly? Remember, the lower that claims payments are the more profits left over for the insurance companies.
Definitely FOOD FOR THOUGHT isn’t it…
We’re your ADVOCATE and we can handle all of this for you.

The insurance company’s adjuster is acting solely on behalf of the insurance company. So, if they’re looking out for their EMPLOYER’S BEST INTEREST how can they possibly be looking out for YOUR BEST INTEREST?

While insurance companies seek maximum profits the adjusters that they employ are frequently overworked, underpaid and often have very little experience regarding proper damage assessment, construction principles and repair / rebuild standards and practices. Many company adjusters will not have the time or knowledge to determine accurately what needs to be done, thus effecting what they perceive you are entitled to, IF ANYTHING. In addition, insurance company adjusters are instructed and guided to act in the best interest of their EMPLOYER, the insurance company, NOT the homeowner or Business Owner. Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. will work diligently FOR YOU to document, prepare, present and negotiate your claim to/with your insurance company keeping YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind to make sure you receive every benefit and dollar that you are entitled to.

We make it as easy for you as we possibly can. From meeting with you at your home or wherever you are staying to meeting and dealing with the Insurance Company Adjuster(s) / Representatives on your behalf.

Insurance companies instruct and pay their adjusters to protect the insurance company’s assets and interests, NOT YOURS. They also instruct them how to settle and deny claims. The adjuster must work within the parameters dictated by the insurance company. Damage perceived as questionable will usually result in non-payment. Most adjusters will act conservatively rather than pay for damage that may be questioned later. It’s very common that the insurance company adjuster that adjusts your claim will not be the one that decides if your claim is covered or not, or authorizes any type of payment. It’s been our experience that insurance company adjusters typically don’t have the necessary time OR proper knowledge OR authority to do a detailed analysis to determine the total scope of damages and the associated repair or replacement estimate that is necessary to make sure YOU get what you are entitled to for the damaged Dwelling / Structure, Personal or Business belongings, Additional Living Expenses, Loss of Use or Business Interruption, etc…. Our view of the loss is not restricted.

What your Insurance Company doesn’t want you to know?

That they typically only pay a mere fraction of what is owed to the Homeowner / Business Owner for covered claims that they submit. A recent study found that on average when a property owner used a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, they received 547% MORE from the insurance company than those that went it alone against their insurance company. This was based on an independent study done by the OPPAGA.

After you report a claim to your insurance company, they will send out an adjuster who represents them and their interests. YOU have an immense amount at stake, DON’T BE FOOLED into believing the endless commercials you see on t.v. These commercials are designed for one thing and one thing only, to get you to buy their insurance products. Things can and often do change immensely when you file a claim for coverage. Never lose sight of the fact that Insurance Companies are FOR PROFIT companies. Even if their adjuster tells you that they are going to take care of you, they know what they have to do to DENY or MINIMIZE the amount paid out by the insurance company. They know where their bread is buttered to speak figuratively. Insurance companies don’t make money by PAYING CLAIMS.

Home and Business owners typically are not familiar with their insurance policies or the laws and regulations under which they have rights. By hiring Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. you can feel more confident that your rights are being protected by a professional who is working for you and in your best interests.

Remember, we work on a Contingency basis. We get paid when you get paid.
If I read my policy, will I know my rights?

Even if you read your policy from cover to cover, you most likely will not know how the insurance company interprets and applies the numerous and lengthy clauses, endorsements, exclusions and amendments to the policy. With Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. protecting your interests, you can rest assured that the policy will be reviewed and handled by professionals looking out for you. In addition, there are laws, statutes, doctrines, principles, and software, many complicated, which apply to the insurance industry that you may not be aware of. These are things that we are equipped to handle because it’s our business to study, learn and apply this knowledge in the field on a daily basis.

Can I handle my own claim?

Indeed you can. Anyone can try to prepare a claim, but not everyone is equipped to or knowledgeable enough to do so. Not to mention the often considerable amount of time required to properly process your claim. Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. has the expertise and knowledge, plus access to the tools and software needed to handle your claim. We’re industry professionals that stand on equal footing with the insurance company when it comes to the handling, preparation, presentation and negotiation of your claim. We invest the TIME so you don’t have to.

Correctly interpreting the provisions of your insurance policy can mean the difference between a favorable settlement and possibly a complete denial of your claim. Mishandling your claim could cost you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are familiar with your obligations and responsibilities under the policy. The best way to handle your claim is to call Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. immediately after you experience a loss for a FREE Consultation.

Consider the following scenario. You find yourself party to a lawsuit where you stand to win a large cash settlement. Instead of hiring an attorney to represent you, you agree to use the other party’s attorney to determine your award. Under these conditions do you think you would receive a favorable settlement? Not likely. Negotiating your claim without Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. representing you is similar to allowing your opponent to dictate your settlement in a lawsuit. In this scenario you have no representation.

To put it another way, is it wise to allow someone that has been charged with a crime to be their own Judge at their trial? I think not….

How long does it take to settle a claim?

Small claims might take only a few days to a few weeks. The average fire or large loss can take several months to process. The length of time needed is based on the complexity of the claim. We understand the sense of urgency you feel and the desire you have to quickly resume your daily life. We will do everything in their power to ensure your claim is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, while working to ensure that you receive the FULL benefit you are entitled to under your policy.

Whatever the loss, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC is here to help. We’re State Licensed Advocates that work exclusively for you, the Home / Business Owner (The Insured), to ensure that you receive the fullest benefit possible from your insurance company based on your policy, thus maximizing your settlement so you may properly Rebuild, Repair, Replace and / or Clean your property. Our knowledge and expertise makes your life much easier.

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We’re your ADVOCATE and we can handle all of this for you.
No Upfront Fees, We work on a Contingency basis. We get paid when you get paid.