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Our Services

We’re a full service State Licensed and Insured Home Improvement Contractor that specializes in Insurance Repair, Rebuild, Restoration and Mitigation. This is a very specialized field that requires ongoing training and certification.

We can document and handle:

Emergency Mitigation Services 24/7

Board Ups, Tarping, Stabilizing, Pumps outs, Water Extractions, Removal of damaged materials, Clean Up, Odor Control, Structural Drying, Securing, Ventilating, Containment, Air Filtration, Microbial and Pathogen Treatment, Muck Out, Demolition, etc…

Repair, Restore, Mitigate or Rebuild, We can do it all…

From small repair jobs to complete rebuilds. We can handle all your needs in a professional workman like manner. Restoring your property to its original or better than original condition.

(UPPA) Unlawful Practice of Public Adjusting

You have a lot at stake. Don’t let a contractor or anyone else that isn’t legally allowed to represent you as a Public Adjuster jeopardize your claim. The State of Maryland licenses Public Adjusters and it is a violation of State insurance laws for anyone to act in the capacity of a Public Adjuster that is not licensed to do so.

Many contractors will tell you that they will help you with your claim, contact the insurance company for you, handle everything for you and / or negotiate your claim for repairs with the insurance company adjuster. They are violating the law if they do so and should be turned in immediately to the Maryland Insurance Administration. You could be jeopardizing your claim and recovery. I’ve heard them say time and again “We do this all the time.” What they are really saying is that they are “Repeat offenders that have no regard for the law.”

By hiring Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. as your Insurance Repair / Restoration Contractor you can feel confident that you have hired properly licensed, qualified and certified professionals that are capable of meeting your needs. We put the pieces of the puzzle back together for you with the utmost care, as efficiently as possible. We understand how disruptive and emotional Insurance Losses can be and do everything we can to ease your burden and make things go as smoothly as possible.

There are many things to consider when determining what needs to be done to properly rebuild, replace or restore damaged property to its pre-loss or better than pre-loss condition. It’s not just what you can see that has to be properly accounted for and addressed, that’s the easy stuff. It’s what you CAN’T SEE that could affect the Safety, Health and general Wellbeing of you, your family or employees and customers. Is it really Worth The Risk?

Our Credentials:

*  Licensed and Insured Maryland Home Improvement Contractor

*  Licensed and Insured Public Adjusting Firm

*  Licensed and Insured Public Adjuster – On Staff

*  Licensed “Catastrophe” Adjuster – On Staff

*  Industry Certified in Fire and Smoke Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Odor Control and Mold Restoration.

*  Xactimate Level 3 Certified Estimator on Staff. This is the highest certification level possible (Considered an expert) other that teaching it.). This is the most widely recognized insurance repair / rebuild estimating software in use by the insurance industry today.

*  Registered General Appraiser® – On Staff

*  Chartered Property Insurance Umpire® -On Staff

Professional Damage Assessment (Scoping) and Estimating

When hiring us as your Contractor or Estimator you can be sure that you have hired competent, qualified and certified professionals that know how to properly determine the totality of your damages and the proper repair or replacement protocols and methods that are necessary to bring you back to your Pre-Loss Condition. Once we’ve assessed your loss we then develop a thorough and detailed repair / replacement estimate to fully account for all that needs to be done. Although there are many fine contractors, there is much that goes into properly ascertaining the extent of a loss and the necessary repairs associated with it than most contractors are qualified or certified to do. Errors or Omissions on their part could possibly put you and your family in harm’s way and cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Do you or your perspective contractor(s) know:  

1.   The proper repair / rebuild standards for you geographical area?

2.   How to determine everything that needs to be Mitigated, Repaired or Replaced based on proper industry standards and protocols? Not just the easy to ascertain damage that everyone can see.

3.   The local building codes?

4.   Is it a Cat1, Cat2, Cat3 or Special Conditions Loss?

5.   Is it a Class 1,2,3 or 4?

6.   How to make a moisture map? Why is it needed?

7.   What’s a drying schedule? Why is it needed?

8.   How to properly clean up mold?

9.   Is mold a concern and if so, why?

10.  Is personal protective equipment required to be worn by workers? If so, what and why?

11.  Is it Wet or Dry Smoke / Soot?

12.  Was it a protein fire?

13.  Was it a fast burning fire or a slow smoldering fire and how does that effect its environment?

14.  Why should something be replaced as opposed to cleaned or repaired?

15.  How does time affect damages?

16.  What is secondary damage?

17.  How does humidity affect restoration techniques?

18.  What does it mean to “Burp” or “Flush” a room or building?

These are just some of the things that we considered, depending upon the loss, when determining Mitigation, Restoration and Repair / Replacement needs.

Other Contractor’s Refer their Clients to us for our Public Adjusting Services

Any licensed contractor can provide an estimate for repair, but are they competent and qualified to take into account and consider ALL that you are entitled to based on you insurance policy? BY LAW they cannot negotiate with or act on your behalf with the insurance company. Quite frankly, the insurance companies are under no obligation to even deal with a contractor. Licensed Public Adjusters have the legal authority granted them by the State of Maryland to represent policyholder’s. Experienced insurance restoration contractors often refer their clients to us, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. because as Licensed Public Adjusters we have the specific knowledge and legal capacity to represent the home / business owner interest in obtaining the full value of their claim, thus insuring there are enough funds to make all the necessary repairs and or adequate compensation for their personal property that may have been damaged or destroyed. Working together Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. and QUALIFIED Contractors are a powerful and formidable resource for the home / business owner. See Why Hire Us or Home Page?

Caveat Emptor…(Buyer beware)

A caution about Contractor’s referred to you by your Insurance Company, OR that just show up and say they are there at the request of the insurance company. You are under no obligation by any means to use these contractors and it is against the law for someone to indicate or infer otherwise. These are commonly called “Preferred Contractors” or “Preferred Vendors”. Some are good, ALL are beholden to the beast (Insurance Adjuster / Insurance Company) that feeds them. Typically they have signed contracts to be on these Special Lists.

Ask Yourself, are they really going to have your best interest in mind OR THE INSURANCE COMPANY’S that they get work from?

The only thing an insurance company should be telling you about a contractor is to find a competent, qualified one, period. You want to have a contractor working for you with No Strings Attached to the Insurance Company.

We’re not on any Insurance Company’s “Preferred Contractor / Vendor” list by choice. We are beholden to no one except our Customers and will always handle your insurance claim repairs / replacement with integrity and compassion. We never forget WHO we work for, YOU.

Whatever the loss, Insurance Claims Specialist, LLC. is here to help. We’re State Licensed Advocate’s and Restoration Contractor’s that work exclusively for you, the Home / Business Owner (The Insured), to ensure that you receive the fullest benefit possible from your insurance company so you can have your damaged property properly Rebuilt, Repaired, Replaced and / or Cleaned. Our knowledge and expertise makes your life much easier because we know what we are doing and what needs to be done.

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